Interview with WW2 Veteran James Corrigan

James Corrigan (born 1924) joined the Durham Light Infantry at the age of 17.  He took part in the Sicily landing and the D-Day landing.  He was mentioned in dispatches and was awarded the Legion d’Honneur and the Croix de Guerre.  Here he recounts some of his memories to Paul Sloane. James Corrigan aged 17   Abridged Interview (27 mins)   Full... Read More--

Interview with Mike Roycroft

Paul Sloane interviews Brigadier Mike Roycroft who tells of his rise in the British Army.  He is now CEO of St Raphael’s Hospice in London.  He shares leadership lessons on leading change programmes.  #short_code_si_icon img {width:32px; } .scid-2 img { width:32px !important; } Share... Read More--

Interview with Pam Warren

Paul Sloane interviews Pam Warren, speaker and author who became known as the ‘Lady in the Mask’ after receiving terrible burn injuries in the Paddington rail crash in 1999. She is the founder of the Paddington Survivors Group. #short_code_si_icon img {width:32px; } .scid-3 img { width:32px... Read More--

Interview with Richard McCann

Paul Sloane interviews Richard McCann who at the age of five lost his mother; she was the first victim of the notorious Yorkshire Ripper, Peter Sutcliffe.  Despite other tragic incidents, drugs and prison, Richard turned his life around. He grew to become one of the UK’s top motivational speakers.  Here he shares his story together with insights and lessons for speakers and anyone who faces... Read More--

Interview with David Gurteen

My interview with David Gurteen founder of the Gurteen Knowledge Cafes and expert on organizational learning and internal communications. He explains what a knowledge cafe is and why he believes that most of us are poor at conversations. He shares experiences and learnings from cafes he has run around the world.        Save #short_code_si_icon... Read More--

Interview with Cary Hobbs

My interview with an old colleague from Ashton-Tate days, Cary Hobbs.  He tells how he had Elvis Presley on his radio show, his career and love of music. #short_code_si_icon img {width:32px; } .scid-6 img { width:32px !important; } Share : function openwindow(url) {,"Window","menubar=0,resizable=1,width=750,height=400"); } ... Read More--

Interview with Des MacHale

My interview with my co-author Des MacHale, professor of Mathematics, speaker, writer and philosopher.  He tells of his life-long loves of Mathematics, humour and puzzles.  He also reveals the infamous joke which his hero, Marshall McLuhan, told him.   Save Save Save #short_code_si_icon img {width:32px; } .scid-7 img... Read More--

Interview with John Spiers

My interview with an old friend, entrepreneur and philanthropist John Spiers, CEO of EQ Investors.   Paul Sloane, Robin Bloore, John Spiers, Ibiza 1971 Save Save #short_code_si_icon img {width:32px; } .scid-8 img { width:32px !important; } Share : function openwindow(url) {,"Window","menubar=0,resizable=1,width=750,height=400"); } ... Read More--

Interview with Peter Black

My interview with eminent architect Peter Black.  He tells tales of bomb disposal in the army, work in the Middle East, meeting Mother Theresa and being imprisoned by the son of Saddam Hussein.   Peter Black with one of his prize-winning Dexters in around 1992 Save Save Save #short_code_si_icon img {width:32px; } .scid-9... Read More--

Interview with Brian McBride

Interview with business leader Brian McBride.  He has been Chief Executive at Dell UK, T-Mobile UK, Amazon UK, Director at Celtic FC and Chairman of ASOS.  Hear his story and the remarkable question which Jeff Bezos asked him at interview. Brian McBride in 1968 Brian McBride, Managing Director, 2008 Save Save Save Save Save #short_code_si_icon... Read More--