Lateral Thinking Puzzle Books

Here are our most popular lateral thinking puzzle books:   290 Wally Test puzzles – trick questions designed to catch you out and make you groan when you hear the answer.  Great for kids and wise guys of all ages. *     On *     On         The original collection of all the great classic lateral thinking puzzles.  Contains the most popular... Read More--

Five Tips from The Innovative Leader

Robert Brands interviews Paul Sloane, about his book, The Innovative Leader. Paul answers these questions and gives five tips: 1. What is a Declaration of Innovation and why is it needed? 2. Why bring in an unrelated expert? 3. Should we train for innovation? 4. Why welcome failure? 5. How much free time should we give to encourage innovation? The Innovative Leader by Paul Sloane is published by Kogan... Read More--

Mathematical Lateral Thinking Puzzles

Test your mathematical lateral thinking skill with these three little puzzles from the new book by me and Des MacHale:   1.  In a 100 metre race, athletes A, B and C all run at a uniform pace.  If A beats B by 10 metres and B beats C by 10 metres, by how much does A beat C?   2.  Move any one digit to make this equation true: 62 – 63 = 1   3.  Find any three positive integers... Read More--

When should you Patent?

Paul Sloane interviews Robert Brands, author of Robert’s Rules of Innovation. Paul asks these questions: 1. Why do we need rules of innovation? 2. Why is accountability so important? 3. What is the difference between New Product Development and Long Term Development? 4. When should a small company invest in a patent and when should it rely on a trade secret or just speed to market? ... Read More--

Why is it so hard to learn from our Mistakes?

A key precept in the self-improvement manual is to learn from your mistakes. If you can do that then you can keep growing and getting better. Yet many people find this very hard. And the same story applies to organizations. If a company wants to be innovative then it must try many new things, stop the unsuccessful experiments, learn the important lessons and rapidly move on. It sounds straightforward... Read More--

How do you Revolutionize a Complacent Company Culture?

Burton Lee It is said that when it comes to business success, ‘Culture eats Strategy for Breakfast.’ The biggest single barrier to agility and innovation is a stodgy corporate culture. So how can you revolutionize a complacent culture? Changing the corporate culture is one of the toughest tasks that a new CEO faces. If you want to replace comfort with energy and risk aversion with innovation where... Read More--

Ten Great Ways to Promote your Book

So you have written a book and had it published. Congratulations. Now you are faced with the challenge of what to do next. Many authors think that marketing is a job for the publisher so they sit back and wait for the royalties to roll in. You might have a very long wait. The market for books is extremely crowded and most books do not sell well. However, there are a number of things that the author... Read More--

How Business Strategy Really Works

Alan (AG) Laffley was CEO of Procter and Gamble for 10 years (1999 to 2009) and during that time he oversaw the consumer goods giant double its sales, dominate new markets and increase margins. He is revered as legendary leader who delivered great returns for the company and its shareholders. He claims that his success was based on implanting a rigorous approach to business strategy in every department... Read More--

A Collection of Forehead-Slapping Fun

Try your hand at these six puzzles: 1.  What can I put in my left hand that I cannot put in my right hand? 2.  If two peacocks lay two eggs in two days, how may eggs can one peacock lay in four days? 3.  How may cubic feet of earth are there in a hole measuring 3 feet wide by 4 feet long by 5 feet deep? 4.  Why do Chinese men eat more rice than Japanese men? 5.  In what sport do half the contestants... Read More--

Remarkable Words make Great Puzzles

Des MacHale and I have put together a word puzzle book that contains some great puzzles about remarkable words.  For instance try these questions: What is the longest word containing just one vowel used once? What is the longest word containing just one vowel used as many times as you like? What is the shortest word which uses all five vowels? What is the longest country name which has alternating... Read More--