No Good Joke Survives a Committee of Six

Velocity; the Seven New Laws for a World gone Digital, is an excellent book on business strategy by Ajaz Ahmed and Stefan Olander.  One of the ‘seven laws’ is this, no good joke survives a committee of six.  In the book the story is told of Tony Blair’s final speech as leader to the Labour Party Conference in 2006.  The day before the speech was to be given, Tony Blair’s... Read More--

Teams that Get on Well Together are Less Creative

If you ask hiring managers what they are looking for in a candidate they will often say, ‘ I want someone who will get on well with the team.’ They want someone who will fit in and reinforce the team spirit. Homogeneous teams that get on well together may be good for executing clear plans but the evidence shows that they are less creative than diverse teams that have some internal tensions. In... Read More--

Brilliant thinkers relish ambiguity, dull thinkers loathe it.

Brilliant thinkers are very comfortable with ambiguity – they welcome it. Routine thinkers like clarity and simplicity; they dislike ambiguity. There is a tendency in our society to reduce complex issues down to simple issues with obviously clear solutions. We see evidence of this in the tabloid press. There have been some terrible crimes committed in our cities. A violent offender received what... Read More--

We Need to Think Differently

We are creatures of habit. Each day we wake up on same side of the bed. We put on the same type of clothes we wore the previous day, we eat the same type of breakfast, we sit in the same car and we take the same route to work or school. When we get there we think in the same way as we thought the previous day. Most of our thinkingis in the same groove – it is analytical, convergent, critical,... Read More--

The Rise and Rise of Open Innovation and Crowdsourcing

Imagine that you are planning a big surprise party. You want it to be entertaining, spectacular, memorable and different. You could plan and project manage every element of the party yourself: the theme, venue, music, food, drink, entertainment, games, diversions etc. Or you could involve a number of people to help you with their ideas and their skills. One person could manage all aspects of the venue,... Read More--

Leading Change by John Kotter – essential reading for leaders

Why do so many major change projects fail? This book has become a classic among management books because it clearly answers this question. Kotter starts by listing eight reasons why major organisational change initiatives fail. These are: Allowing too much Complacency Failing to Create a sufficiently powerful Guiding Coalition Underestimating the Power of Vision Undercommunicating the Vision (by a... Read More--