Powerful yet Easy Brainstorm Methods – Similes and Pass the Parcel

Expert facilitator Paul Sloane explains two workshop methods for idea generation – Similes and Pass the Parcel. More details on all these brainstorm methods in How to Generate Ideas – available on Kindle #short_code_si_icon img {width:32px; } .scid-1 img { width:32px !important; } Share : function openwindow(url) { window.open(url,"Window","menubar=0,resizable=1,width=750,height=400"); } ... Read More--

Key Principles for Successful Brainstorms

Expert facilitator Paul Sloane shares some tips and techniques to improve the effectiveness of your brainstorms. All his ideation methods are available in How to Generate Ideas – available on Kindle. #short_code_si_icon img {width:32px; } .scid-2 img { width:32px !important; } Share : function openwindow(url) { window.open(url,"Window","menubar=0,resizable=1,width=750,height=400"); } ... Read More--

Run a Really Creative Ideas Event

Say you have an important issue in your business that needs creative ideas. Express it as a challenge for it and run an ideas event. A regular brainstorm or ideation meeting is fine but why not add some excitement with a different approach? Here are the sorts of events you could run: A lunchtime brainstorm with pizza and drinks. A team contest where teams post ideas on an intranet site and... Read More--

If you want some good ideas make for the cafe, not the library.

Where do you get your best ideas?  Do you like to sit and think in a quiet environment?  You might do better heading for Starbucks. Researchers led by Ravi Mehta conducted experiments to understand how ambient noise levels affect creativity.  In one trial they tested people’s creativity at different levels of background noise by asking participants to brainstorm ideas for a new type of mattress... Read More--

A Child’s Toy that can Boost your Brainstorm

One of the most effective techniques for generating really unorthodox ideas in a brainstorm meeting is the use of the random word which was described in this article.  An alternative way to do this is with the use of a toy, Rory’s Story Cubes which consist of nine cubes each with six different images giving a total of 54 little pictures.  When playing the game children or families roll all... Read More--

Think the Unthinkable – Ask ‘Who killed our business?’

We can broadly simplify innovations into two kinds – incremental and radical. Incremental innovations are improvements to current products, methods, processes, services, partnerships and so on. Customer complaints and suggestions are a good source of ideas for incremental improvements. So are the people who work in the organization. If you ask customers how your product could be better or if... Read More--

What do you do with Good Brainstorm Ideas you cannot implement?

Say you hold a brainstorm meeting and generate 100 ideas, what do you do next? You should use some selection criteria to whittle the long list of suggestions down to say a dozen promising ideas. The criteria should be reasonably broad so as not to eliminate radical ideas. You might then vote to select the ideas you want to action – this might be the two or three best. What happens to the other... Read More--

How to use Force Field Analysis for Change Management

Force field analysis is a change management technique which was originally conceived by the psychologist Kurt Lewin for use in social situations. It displays and analyses the forces driving movement toward a goal (helping forces) or restraining movement toward the goal (hindering forces).   We can use it as a business management tool in any situation where we are planning a major change. We start... Read More--

Transformers – a brainstorm technique for systems or processes

Transformers is a variant of the Scamper method. It is particularly good if you are looking to improve or radically change a process. Take the problem and draw it as a simple flow process.  Then take a verb at random from a list of ‘transformer verbs’.   Brainstorm by using that verb aggressively in divergent thinking about the flow chart and any aspects of the process.  Here is the list of... Read More--