Eight Things you should not say when you hear a Fresh Idea

What do you say when you hear a new idea at work?  Let’s suppose it is a suggestion for a new product or service. Here are eight things not to say: 1. ‘That sounds interesting but..’ This is the most common way to give the idea a polite denial. What you say before the ‘but’ does not matter because what comes after undermines and criticises the notion. Now for some of the regular comments... Read More--

How can we become more creative? Let’s start by thinking about our thinking.

Most organizations want to become more agile. Leaders talk about the need for innovation and entrepreneurial activity. Meanwhile employees bemoan the difficulties of getting things changed, of getting new ideas approved and implemented. How can we overcome these roadblocks? Let’s start by considering how we think at work and in particular by contrasting two styles of thinking – divergent and convergent.... Read More--

Unleash your hidden genius; 10 great ways to boost your creativity

Brilliant thinkers are creative and they use techniques to boost their creativity.  Let’s say you are wrestling with a tough issue – maybe at work, at home, with your children or in your social life. You have been stuck for a while and you can’t seem to make a breakthrough. You want to come up with some really creative ideas. What can you do? Here are ten great practical ways to... Read More--

There are many Different Ways to Start Composing your Masterpiece

Say you want to compose a song.  How would you begin?  Here are some starting points: 1.  A Tune. Most people would start by trying to think of a melody. If you can whistle a catchy tune then you are well on your way. The melody is the basic building block of most popular music and this is surely one of the most reliable places to begin. But it is not the only place. 2.  The Lyrics. Write out the... Read More--