Children need a Challenge – a Personal Story

I went to a Catholic boys grammar school in Blackpool in the North of England. In my first year in the senior school I was a nerdy kid, with spectacles and short trousers. For one hour a week the class had elocution lessons from an old, portly teacher called Mr Priestley. He had a hard task wrestling with our flat northern vowels and trying to get us to enunciate the Queen’s English. One day... Read More--

Why are Children so much more Creative than Adults?

Richie Stachowski I came across an interesting article entitled 10 Great Inventions Dreamt up by Children.     They range from earmuffs to crayon holders to an underwater talking device.  The stories of their young creators are inspiring for anyone interested in innovation and entrepreneurship.     The article begs some questions.  Why are children so much more creative than adults?  How does... Read More--

We need fewer Masterminds and more James Dysons

Are our schools preparing pupils to cope with the workplace of tomorrow or are they preparing them to pass exams today? To succeed in a digital world rich in information and innovation, future skilled workers will need the ability to analyse problems, think critically, think creatively, find new solutions and have the courage to take risks and to cope with failure. But these skills are eschewed in... Read More--