Four Questions that every Entrepreneur must Answer

If you are planning a new product or a new business then you will probably need to get some approvals.  You might need to raise some finance.  In either case you have to convince some sceptical decision makers.  Here are four key questions that they will want you to answer: Problem.  What is the problem that your idea will solve?  If real people do not have a pain point which is worth alleviating... Read More--

Ten Tips for A Successful Pitch

Henry de Zoete and Will Hodson, co-founders of Look After My Bills, secured the best ever deal on the BBC show Dragons Den (equivalent to the US TV show Shark Tank).  They received offers from all five investors on the show.  They ended up selling just 3% of their business for £120,000 ($160,000 US). The pair met at Bristol University.  Look after my Bills, the firm they founded, will find the... Read More--

Eight Tips for Successful Intrapreneurs

Say you have a great idea for a new product or service in your field of expertise but you are reluctant to take the plunge, quit your job and start your own business. You know that launching this venture on your own would be risky, stressful and costly. There is an alternative – stay with your current employer and become an ‘intrapreneur’ – someone who acts as an entrepreneur but inside an... Read More--

Sometimes it Pays to be Unpredictable and play Games with Customers

Phil Romano Phil Romano is an Italian American who has started a series of restaurant chains.  As a serial entrepreneur he has launched some 25 different restaurants concepts which produce over $1.5B in annual revenues.  Successful ventures include Cozymel’s, Fuddruckers, Eatzi’s and Romano’s Macaroni Grill.  He has had his share of flops too including Baroni’s, an expensive... Read More--

How can we Teach Entrepreneurship?

How can we enthuse and empower a whole new generation of entrepreneurs?  How can we double or treble the rate at which startup businesses are formed?  One way is to start very young with junior entrepreneurs and provide them with the training and experience to inspire them to start their own businesses. Citrus Saturday is a programme which encourages school children to run home-made lemonade stalls... Read More--

Replace Confusion with Clarity

Stewart Butterfield Stewart Butterfield is a Canadian serial entrepreneur. He is famous for founding the photo-sharing site Flickr which he sold to Yahoo. He then developed a gaming application. Glitch, which failed. His latest venture is Slack, a platform for team communication and project management, which has been valued at over $1B. In a recent interview in the Times of India he told of some of... Read More--

Big Bang or Steady Growth – which is the right approach for your Startup?

The Entrepreneurship Summit in Mumbai is an annual conference hosted by the Indian Institute of Technology, one of India’s most prestigious technical universities. I was fortunate enough to be a guest speaker there this year giving talks on lateral thinking and on open innovation. There was a range of other distinguished speakers and two of them gave starkly contrasting advice on how to start a new... Read More--

Sometimes it pays to be an Antisocial Know-it-all

Ben Horowitz Ben Horowitz is an entrepreneur who developed a data centre software company, Opsware and sold it to HP for $1.6B in 2007. In 2009 he and Marc Andreesen (who created Netscape and Mosaic) founded the venture capital firm Andreesen Horowitz. It has had some spectacularly successful investments including Airbnb, Facebook, Twitter, Skype and Pinterest. Horowitz talked about today’s leading... Read More--

What does it take to become an Entrepreneur?

And How can we Get More of Them? For the past 10 years Gallup has run a survey called Enrepreneurial Strengthsfinder.  Over 5000 entrepreneurs have been interviewed.  According to Gallup there are 10 key characteristics that leaders of successful start-ups display.  In alphabetical order these are: Business Focus Confidence Creativity Delegation Determination Independence Knowledge-seeking Networking... Read More--