The Cook’s Badge

As a lad I was in the boy scouts – the 1st Bispham Scout group, Seagull patrol. I was a keen collector of badges and at the age of about 12 I entered for my cook’s badge. I had to cook a dish at camp and have it tasted by the Scoutmaster. My mother trained me in how to cook fried liver and onions with mashed potato. I learned how to roll the liver in flour, how to fry the meat and onions, how to... Read More--

Five Things your should definitely do for your Young Child

Babies are wonderful bundles of joy. These are easy to love. Nature has cunningly designed them to be irresistible. This helps new parents cope with the hardships of getting up at night and caring for their infant’s immediate needs – which tend to be food, drink, exhalation of wind and clean underwear. So far so good. It is the next part that is more difficult and which many parents flunk.... Read More--

What to do when a baby cries – instructions for men

If you are left in charge of a small infant and it starts to cry then you need to calmly assess the situation and take appropriate remedial action. Unfortunately there are no reliable diagnostics to accurately indicate the source of the problem. However, the most common causes of crying and the actions you should take are listed below: Baby has wind. This is a common issue especially after feeding.... Read More--

Heartfelt Advice for a Teenage Daughter

Dear Daughter, You are a wonderful person and your mother and I think the world of you. It will not be long before you leave home to make your way in the world. Can I please give you some friendly advice? Here are some things that I think you should never do. 1. Never Despise Yourself. You are great and capable of achieving great things so believe in yourself. When things go badly never stop believing.... Read More--

Letter to my new Grandson

I never knew my grandfathers; they both died long before I came along. They were born in the late 19th century and into a world without cars, airplanes, electricity or phones. They could never have imagined that their grandson would download music from the internet, take a picture and send it across continents with a mobile phone or get a DNA profile to predict diseases. Likewise it is impossible for... Read More--

Five Ways to Boost your Income

Broadly speaking there are two ways to improve your financial position – reduce your outgoings or increase your income. Let’s focus on the latter and see if you can boost the money coming in. 1. Ask your boss for a raise. This is one of the simplest and best ways of increasing your income but many people never try it. Ask for a meeting with your manager. Be polite and respectful. Point... Read More--

Eight Important Questions to ask your Aging Parent

We spend so much of our lives with our parents and yet most of it is devoted to routine and commonplace things. We rarely discuss the profound. Time is short and unfortunately we are all getting older. There may never be a better time than now to have a meaningful conversation with your parent or parents. You sometimes hear people say that they regret missed opportunities while their parents were alive... Read More--