How to cope with a Difficult Boss

What should you do if you really cannot get on with your boss at work? Maybe there has been a breakdown in trust, in communication or in respect. In any event it is ruining your time at work and making you frustrated and unhappy. Let’s call your manager John and see how we can approach the situation. (The advice here works equally if your boss is a man or a woman). 1. How do other people find... Read More--

Use a Fake Failure to Boost your Chance of Success

I heard this story from creative thinking expert Jurgen Wolff.  Steve Loranger, CEO of ITT Industries, shared this technique with Business 2.0:  “If you’re working on an important contract, a ‘must-win’ program, give your team a much shorter deadline than actually exists. Afterward you tell your team, ‘I just got a phone call from the buyer today and he told us that... Read More--

Expert Facilitation will Transform your Meetings

Do your meetings run over? Do they involve wrangling, sidetracks, unhelpful arguments and bad feelings? Do you fail to reach conclusions and decisions? All of these common problems can be alleviated if you use a skilled facilitator. He or she will focus on the meeting process and enable you and your colleagues to focus on the topic. The facilitator should be neutral regarding the content. He or she... Read More--

The 10 Best Sources of Future Trend Intelligence

How can you keep up to date with the latest trends and directions in your industry? There are so many sources of potential information that you can be overwhelmed. You should certainly watch, listen and learn from the following: 1. Your customers 2. Your frontline staff (sales, marketing and customer service in particular) 3. Your competitors 4. Your trade magazines, shows and websites There are also... Read More--

Do you want happy workers working for you? Not really.

It is a common fallacy among managers that they want their staff to be happy because happy people are more productive. This may be true, but it is only part of the story. Of course, as a manager, you do not want your people to feel unhappy about coming to work. People who are miserable at work will most likely be unproductive and sooner or later they will leave. But that does not mean that your number... Read More--

Five Tips on Giving Staff Appraisals

If you are a manager in an organisation of any size then it is likely that you will give appraisals for your people at least once a year. Many managers approach these interviews with dread but, if they are done well, they should help you and the employee. Here are some hints and tips to make the task easier and more effective: 1. Ask the Empoyee to Assess Themself. Rather than launching straight into... Read More--