Don’t be a Zebra, Be a Giraffe

Zebra stands for Zero Evidence but Really Adamant.  Zebras are people who see things in black and white.  They are sure of their own opinions and they disdain information or science which undermines their beliefs.  The king of the Zebras is Donald Trump. Tom Nichols is the author of the 2017 book, The Death of Expertise.  In it he writes that ignorance is now seen as a virtue.  ‘To reject... Read More--

How Disappointment can Lead on to Success

Roger Bannister in 1949 In 1952 Roger Bannister, a 23 year old medical student, was recognised as the best middle distance runner in Great Britain and as  a very good prospect for the gold medal in 1500m at the Olympic Games which were to be held in Helsinki, Finland.  He had gained a degree in Physiology from Oxford University where he had been president of the university athletic club.  He was... Read More--

Eight Tips for Better Conversations

Photo by Isakarakus on Pixabay You probably know some people who are unremittingly dull company. You may be fortunate enough to know some brilliant conversationalists who can enliven any discussion. In which category would other people place you? How can you improve your conversational skills to become a welcome sight at every social event? Here are some tips.   Ask Questions Most people like... Read More--

Five Things to Give up for Lent

Lent is the Christian season of 40 days when we are meant to abstain in order to prepare for Easter.  Here are five things to give up for Lent. Criticism. Try to go each day without criticising people.  It is very easy to find fault with our colleagues, partners and children but most people do not like to be criticised and you can easily find a better way to suggest a change.  Try being more open-minded... Read More--

Got a big decision to make? Try the Three by Three method.

    Let’s say you are faced with a tough problem.  You have wrestled with it for a while and now you have to make a decision.  One approach is to use what I call the three by three method. You start by considering many options.  You narrow this down to three choices. Your current best option, the CBO. A sound realistic alternative. An outlandish idea that might just work. This is deliberately... Read More--

Four Magic Phrases to Improve your Powers of Persuasion

Would you like to be more persuasive with people?  How can you get people to like you, respect you and listen to your suggestions?  Studies have shown these four simple expressions to be highly effective when used in the right circumstances:  1.  What I really like about you is…………….. Tell someone something that you admire in them and they will like you for it.  This... Read More--

Can you take Criticism? And was the Reformation really necessary?

‘Someone told me that I am poor at taking on board criticism so I quickly pointed out they were wrong.’ This little witticism is at the core of many a corporate disaster. Martin Luther The Catholic magazine, The Tablet, recently ran an editorial with the intriguing headline ‘Was the Reformation really necessary?’  It points out that Martin Luther and the early Protestants wanted to reform... Read More--

Everybody needs a Book of Successes

Do you ever feel overwhelmed, lethargic or depressed? Most people do from time to time. Here is a simple thing that you can do to reinforce your motivation and self-confidence. Read your book of successes. Of course before you read it you must write it. Take a blank piece of paper or start with a blank document on your computer. Now list out all the things that you have achieved going right back to... Read More--

Eight Proven Ways to Become Poor and Stay Poor

Nobody plans to become poor and yet a great many people end up poor.  Here are some of the best known ways of ensuring a life of penury. 1.  ‘We don’t need no education…’ If you drop out of school or fail to achieve a basic education then you will severely restrict your chances of employment.  What is more it is difficult to acquire further skills if you lack the basic ones.  However this... Read More--

How to Get Promoted at Work

If you work in a large organization and are ambitious for career progression then here are a number of tips to help you gain promotion. 1. Do your job well.  I know that this is stating the obvious but it is the starting point. For promotion it is a necessary but not a sufficient requirement that you perform your current duties diligently. Many people think that this is all they need to do and that... Read More--