Which Foods boost your Brain and Fight Alzheimer’s?

Blueberries There is a growing consensus among scientists and nutritionists that certain foods are good for the brain (especially later in life) and help to prevent or delay the onset of Alzheimer’s disease.   Here is a summary of what is currently advised as good for the brain: Fruit and Vegetables: Foods rich in anti-oxidants are excellent for the brain and according to the US Department of Agriculture... Read More--

10 Ways to Simplify your Life

Are you just so busy with mundane activities that you can’t find time for the things that are important to you? Most people are in a terrible rush and are far too busy to enjoy life. Do you have too much going on and too much complexity in your life? If this is your problem then here is some advice from writer Elaine St. James: 1) Resign from any organizations whose meetings you dread. 2) Learn... Read More--

How receptive are you to New Ideas?

We carried out a survey to assess attitudes towards receptiveness to new ideas within organizations. There were 203 respondents of whom 82% were from private sector companies and 18% from the public sector. The results indicate that most people consider themselves to be much more receptive to new ideas than their bosses are. So whereas 95% of people think that they would welcome or consider ideas from... Read More--

How to win the Lottery

Generally speaking lotteries are very poor bets.  Let’s consider the UK national lottery.  You have to select 6 numbers from 59.  There are in fact 45 million different ways in which you can choose 6 numbers from 59 and this means that your chance of winning the jackpot with a single ticket is about 1 in 45 million.  Furthermore only 50% of the total takings are paid out in prizes (the rest... Read More--

Move out of your Comfort Zone – Keep trying new things

If you want to be more adventurous in your thinking then be more adventurous in your activities. Deliberately push yourself out of your routine. Try things that you do not normally try. Do things that you have never done before. Do things that scare you. Most people operate in a comfortable rut. Here are some ideas for pushing you out of your rut. * Take salsa dancing lessons * Try a new sport. * Drive... Read More--

Develop your Greatest Skill; Mastery of Language

The most common method of thinking in the Western world is verbal thinking. We have a range of intelligences including numerical, musical, spatial, emotional, verbal and kinaesthetic intelligences yet it is verbal intelligence that we depend on most. We tend to think and express ourselves in words. Mastering the use of words is the most important skill we develop because acquiring further skills depends... Read More--

Brilliant thinkers relish ambiguity, dull thinkers loathe it.

Brilliant thinkers are very comfortable with ambiguity – they welcome it. Routine thinkers like clarity and simplicity; they dislike ambiguity. There is a tendency in our society to reduce complex issues down to simple issues with obviously clear solutions. We see evidence of this in the tabloid press. There have been some terrible crimes committed in our cities. A violent offender received what... Read More--

Want to remember a list of items? Try taking a Virtual Journey

The virtual journey is a powerful and popular memory pegging method for remembering lists of items. You take an imaginary journey around a familiar route – say your house or road – and you attach the things you want to remember to the places along the way. Say for example you want to remember a sequence of key points for a speech you are giving at your daughter’s wedding. The first... Read More--

The so-called Law of Attraction is a Delusion

One of the biggest bandwagons that has rolled through the self-help community in recent years is the so-called Law of Attraction. This claims that you attract into your life whatever you think about. Before I explain why I believe that this is not a law, not true and not helpful let me differentiate the LoA from some similar but different self-help concepts that actually do work. Positive Thinking.... Read More--

10 Great Ways to Increase your Followers on Twitter

Some people use Twitter as a social network with a handful of friends and consequently do not want a large number of followers. Others use it to increase their influence and the awareness of their personal brand. For these people it is important to attract a large number of followers – and the right kind of followers. Here are some practical tips on how to gather a large number of suitable followers: 1.... Read More--