Sustain performed by The Fat Cats

Sustain as performed by the Fat Cats.  Lyrics by Paul Sloane, Music by Ian MacKenzie The Fat Cats in 2001 Ian MacKenzie, Martin Algra, Paul Sloane, Vic Mattock, Howard Ford, Roger Jeynes Sustain   As I walk the lonely streets, All those people that I meet I can see it in their eyes It is me that they despise.   As... Read More--

The Ballad of Howard Ford Directed by Paul Sloane Produced by Roger Jeynes Featuring Paul Sloane, Howard Ford and Roger Jeynes Original Music for ‘Postman Pat’ by Bryan Daly #short_code_si_icon img {width:32px; } .scid-2 img { width:32px !important; } Share : function openwindow(url) {,"Window","menubar=0,resizable=1,width=750,height=400"); } ... Read More--

There are many Different Ways to Start Composing your Masterpiece

Say you want to compose a song.  How would you begin?  Here are some starting points: 1.  A Tune. Most people would start by trying to think of a melody. If you can whistle a catchy tune then you are well on your way. The melody is the basic building block of most popular music and this is surely one of the most reliable places to begin. But it is not the only place. 2.  The Lyrics. Write out the... Read More--