Ten Top Places to Visit in the Cape Town Area

Photo of Cape Town by HP Botha on Pixabay   The Western Cape of South Africa has much to offer the visitor.  Here are some recommendations for fascinating places to visit. Cape Town.  Watched over by the imperious Table Mountain, Cape Town boasts many splendours. Try the Company’s Gardens, the V&A waterfront, the District Six Museum and the colourful Bo-Kaap section.  Ride the cable... Read More--

Sights to see in North-East Scotland

Dunrobin Castle Most visitors to Scotland stop in Edinburgh and then head to the north-west Highlands and Skye – which are undoubtedly spectacular.  The opposite coast is much less visited but still has plenty to offer.  Take a car from Inverness (which is well worth a visit), have a look at Loch Ness and then travel north to take in these recommendations:  John O’Groats.  It is the... Read More--

11 Great Things to See and Do in South Florida

Deering Estate Many visitors think of Florida in terms of Orlando and Disney World. But I believe that once the children have grown up you will find that South Florida has much more to offer. Here are my picks for great things to see and do in South Florida 1. The Florida Keys. This is a magical road trip. 800 islands are strung out mostly along a causeway with clear blue ocean on either side. Great... Read More--

Can Africa’s Entrepreneurs and Innovators solve Africa’s Problems?

What can save Africa from its many problems; grinding poverty, corrupt bureaucrats, incompetent governments and dire infrastructure?  The best hope might lie with the innovations of its home grown entrepreneurs.  Many solutions that work in the developed world do not translate well to Africa so indigenous innovations are often a better answer.  In some cases they leap-frog current Western offerings. Mobile... Read More--

Eight Must-See Sights in New York

Brooklyn Bridge The occasional visitor to New York City can easily be overwhelmed by the size and range of attractions that are on offer. To make things a little easier here is my choice of top places to visit on a weekend in Manhattan. 1. The Brooklyn Bridge. For 20 years after it was opened in 1883 this was the largest and longest suspension bridge in the world. It spans the East River joining Manhattan... Read More--

What can the Edinburgh Fringe teach us about Entrepreneurship?

Have you been to the Edinburgh Fringe?  It is a remarkable experience.  The Fringe is the world’s largest annual Arts Festival.  There are some 3000 different shows featuring comedy, theatre, music, dance, magic and improv.  There is no selection committee (in their terms it is unjuried).  Any type of performer with any type of act can participate.  This means that it has become an experimental... Read More--

48 hours in Venice – the 8 sights you must see

Venice has strong claims to be the most beautiful, most romantic and most interesting city in the world. It is like nowhere else. If you are making a short visit to Venice then here are some recommendations for what you must see on your trip. 1. St Marks Square and the Basilica of St Marks. It is really as wonderful as it looks on the postcards. Stroll the square, drink in the atmosphere and enjoy... Read More--

Seven Great Things to do in Dubai

Dubai is a remarkable metropolitan area containing nearly two million people. It is a brash, extravagant, self-confident modern city which is bursting with amazing architecture and man-made attractions. If you are on a short visit then here are some things to do. 1. Savour afternoon tea at Burj al Arab Burj al Arab is the symbol of Dubai. It is an outrageously opulent hotel styled in the shape of a... Read More--

Ten Great Things to see and do on Tobago

Tobago Tobago is a small Caribbean island not far north of Venezuela. It is 40 km long by 14 km wide and has a population of only 55000 yet it contains a remarkable diversity of appeal for the tourist. Part of its charm lies in the fact that it is relatively unspoilt with little commercial development. It enjoys its own authentic culture and style. Here are some recommended activities and sights: 1.... Read More--

Top Sights to see on the island of Rhodes

The Citadel on the Acropolis at Lindos Rhodes, the largest island in the Dodecanese, is part of Greece but lies very close to Turkey.  It is a fascinating place to visit.  Here are some of the top sights that you should see there: 1.  The old town of Rhodes.  Ancient Rhodes was founded around 400 BC.  The town you see now is the medieval city built by the Knights Hospitaller of St John.  The... Read More--