What does FAIL stand for?

What does FAIL stand for? First Action in Learning. We all know that we have to fail more often if we are going to try new things, learn new skills, and conquer new challenges.  Yet we are afraid to fail.  Failing may hurt but it is part of the process and a key requirement for learning.  Many great people have told of their early setbacks, humiliations and failures.  One of my favourite comments... Read More--

Do you have a Social Media Listening Control Room?

Leading B2C (Business to Consumer) companies have invested in Listening Centres where they monitor real-time conversations and web analytics in order to gain immediate insights, start dialogues, diffuse critical issues and observe competitors.  They use sophisticated dashboards of real-time information on keyword tracking and competitor share of voice. Here is a 76 second commercial from Gatorade... Read More--

Paul Sloane Show Reel

Paul Sloane is an entertaining and inspirational keynote speaker on lateral thinking, creativity and the leadership of innovation.     ... Read More--

Leadership and Innovation

Paul Sloane speaks to Vistage groups of CEOs.  Here he introduces his talks and workshops on the characteristics of Innovative Leaders.   Recommended reading – The Innovative Leader by Paul Sloane published by Kogan Page   On Amazon.co.uk On Amazon.com ... Read More--

How to Write a Great Resume in Seven Steps

I am a facilitator at Bracknell Careers Springboard which is a jobs club for people seeking employment. One of the most important key topics we focus on is the candidate’s resume. If you are looking for a job then your resume (or CV) is the key document which will either get you an interview or put you on the reject pile. Most recruitment agencies and most recruiting managers receive hundreds... Read More--