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Destination Innovation
Darroch House
3 Castle Road
GU15 2DS

Phone: +44(0)7831.112321


'Your session was first rate; amusing, informative and thought provoking.' Qinetiq

Paul Sloane is a renowned inspirational speaker and a skilled facilitator.  He provides:


The topics for his talks include:

  • Start more Fires! - How great leaders manage risk and empower innovation.
  • The Six Obstacles to Innovation in Your Business - and what you can do about them.
  • Open Innovation and Crowdsourcing
  • Transforming your Culture - Replacing Comfort with Agility
  • The Golden Rules of Lateral Thinking in Business
  • Creative Selling - How lateral thinking can boost your sales and marketing success
  • How to keep your Marketing Fresh and Innovative
  • Organising for Innovation

If you would like to book Paul for your seminar or conference then please check availability with us.  Simply click on Contact us to to let us know your requirements.

Read what clients say about his talks and workshops.

More details are given at these speaker agencies:

If you want to motivate your workforce, energise your conference or learn how lateral thinking can transform your business then book Paul to speak. 

Paul is listed on Wikipedia and is active on Twitter.
Here is a clip of Paul doing stand-up comedy at the Professional Speakers Association Comedy Night.