Innovate with the Experience – Make it Memorable

We tend to focus our innovation efforts on new products, services or processes.  The questions we ask are:

*  How can we make our product better, cheaper or different?

*  How can we make our service better, easier or different?

These are always good questions to ask but sometimes we should try this question:

*  How can we make the experience of using our product or service memorable?

Our customers expect better products and services.  This is normal.  But if you can surprise them with an unexpectedly memorable experience they will be delighted and tell their friends.

Many big companies are trying this approach.  One example is McDonald’s.  They launched a ‘Pay with Lovin’ campaign which enabled customers chosen at random to get a free meal if they completed some assigned task such as calling their mother to say they loved her. This schmaltzy campaign generated some mockery but also tremendous coverage and publicity.


Mr Clean Car Wash introduced a water cannon for kids to fire water at cars.  Children love it.

And Coca Cola emphasized user experience with their Share a Coke – Name on the Bottle campaign.  This innovation has been rolled out worldwide.


Don’t just think about improving your product or service.  How can you delight your customers with an unexpected and memorable experience?

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