Newsletter Puzzles

KYP2Here is our popular Christmas Quiz.  Eight mean, low, nasty, trick questions designed to catch you out.  They are taken from Kick Yourself Puzzles which will make a great stocking filler!

1. What do you put on the table, cut, pass round but never eat?

2. Approximately how many bricks does it take to complete a brick house in England?

3. At Christmas what type of candle burns longer – beeswax or tallow?

4.  What five letter word becomes shorter when you add two letters to it?

5. When is the best time to buy a canary?

6. You go in through one hole but you come out through three. When you are inside you are ready to go outside but when you are outside you are still inside. What am I talking about?

7. What has a head every night but loses its head during the day?

8. What can you put into a cup that you cannot take out?

9. What is the best stocking filler at Christmas?



1. A deck of cards.

2. To complete the house – just one.

3.  Neither burns longer; they both burn shorter.

4. Short

5. When it is going cheep.

6. A sweater (or jumper).

7. Your pillow

8. A crack

9. A leg.