Remarkable Words make Great Puzzles

WBWPDes MacHale and I have put together a word puzzle book that contains some great puzzles about remarkable words.  For instance try these questions:

  1. What is the longest word containing just one vowel used once?
  2. What is the longest word containing just one vowel used as many times as you like?
  3. What is the shortest word which uses all five vowels?
  4. What is the longest country name which has alternating consonants and vowels? (e.g. CANADA or MEXICO)
  5. What word contains five successive vowels?
  6. What boy’s name has two anagrams which are also boys’ names?
  7. What make of car looks the same coming as going? (1, 6)

The book is the World’s Best Word Puzzles.  It contains over 300 puzzles including palindromes, anagrams, strange words, letter combinations etc.  If you love words and word puzzles then you will like this book.  Of course you may have some favourite puzzles of your own or alternative solutions to some of our puzzles.  If so please drop me an email and we will try to incorporate your ideas in the next edition.  The book is available on Kindle at a very affordable price (see below).

Here are the answers to the puzzles above:

  1. Strengths – 8 letters
  2. Indivisibility with 14 letters is the longest one vowel word in the Chambers dictionary but strengthlessness with 16 letters has a good claim and does not use a y.
  3. Sequoia is the most common with 7 letters but there are also moineau and eulogia.
  4. United Arab Emirates – 18 letters
  5. Queueing
  6. Arnold – Roland and Ronald
  7. A Toyota

If you liked these then you will find this book intriguing.
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