The Christmas Word Quiz – with Answers

Here is my Christmas Word Quiz:

1. What word has just three syllables yet contains 26 letters? (Lateral one to start with.)

2. What is the longest word in which all the letters come from the second half of the alphabet (Something you eat at Christmas – 7 letters).

3. What is the longest word which forms another word when spelt backwards? (One word is something you eat at Christmas and the other is something you get at Christmas).

4. What 6 letter boy’s name has two anagrams which are also boys’ names? (They start with A, R, R)

5. Some of the Christmas gifts I have bought contain the following consecutive letters. What are they?

6. What word contains five consecutive vowels? (It happens a lot when you do your Christmas shopping)

7. What word starts with UND and ends with UND (It helps you get around in the January Sales).

8. The name of my favourite vegetable at Christmas contains each of the five vowels once and only once. What is it?

9. What word starts with seven consonants and ends with nine? (A present for your very worst enemy perhaps).

10. One of my presents last year has a name which is the only anagram of a day of the week. What is it?


The answers are below the Christmas tree.




1. Alphabet

2. Sprouts was the answer we were looking for. Someone pointed out that Zoosporous is a longer word fitting these conditions.

3. Desserts and Stressed

4. Arnold, Ronald, Roland

5. Crabcake, Egghead, Signpost, Sawdust, Saxophone

6. Queueing

7. Underground

8. Cauliflower

9. Strychnine

10. Dynamo is an anagram of Monday


Merry Christmas!


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