Top Sights to see on the island of Rhodes

The Citadel on the Acropolis at Lindos

Rhodes, the largest island in the Dodecanese, is part of Greece but lies very close to Turkey.  It is a fascinating place to visit.  Here are some of the top sights that you should see there:

1.  The old town of Rhodes.  Ancient Rhodes was founded around 400 BC.  The town you see now is the medieval city built by the Knights Hospitaller of St John.  The town is surrounded by massive walls which served as a defence against repeated attacks by the Ottomans until the citadel was eventually taken by the invaders in 1520.  The ramparts, the moat and the gates of the old defences are all impressive.  The city itself is chaotic and mesmerising with interesting sites around every corner.  Do not miss the archaelogical museum in the ancient and colossal hospital building or the amazing Street of the Knights.

2. Lindos. One of the three ancient cities of Rhodes, Lindos has a beautiful old town and a truly remarkable Acropolis.  You have to park outside the town and walk in so arrive early.

3.  Petaloudes – The Valley of the Butterflies.  Between May and September this picturesque valley is home to many thousands of Jersey tiger moths which are attracted to the sweetgum trees.  Walk up the valley by the stream all the way to the pretty chapel of Kalopetra for outstanding views.

4.  Kritinia.  This wonderful spot in the southern part of the island has relatively few visitors considering the grandeur of its 15th century castle perched high above the sea.

5.  Filerimos.  Drive up from Ialyssos to the monastery at Filerimos and then walk along the stations of the Cross to the huge illuminated cross on the top of the hill.

6.  Kallithea Thermal Baths.  This Art Deco mock-Moorish resort is a super place to spend a morning.  It was built by the Italians in 1929 and is now fully restored.  Take your swimming costume for a dip in the clear waters of the bay.

7.  Koskinou.  If you get chance visit this town and find the ancient centre with its colourful houses and winding tiny streets.

I recommend that you do your sightseeing in the mornings, rest in the shade in the afternoons and dine out in style in the evenings.  What could be better?

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