What does it take to become an Entrepreneur?

And How can we Get More of Them?


For the past 10 years Gallup has run a survey called Enrepreneurial Strengthsfinder.  Over 5000 entrepreneurs have been interviewed.  According to Gallup there are 10 key characteristics that leaders of successful start-ups display.  In alphabetical order these are:

  1. Business Focus
  2. Confidence
  3. Creativity
  4. Delegation
  5. Determination
  6. Independence
  7. Knowledge-seeking
  8. Networking / Relationship building
  9. Promotion/Marketing
  10. Risk-taking


This prompts a number of questions.  Is this the complete list or are there more?  What is the order of priority?  But another question interests me.  Are these traits innate or can they be learned?  To a greater or lesser extent I believe that all can be nurtured or taught.  However,  some people just seem to have greater in-built tendencies for creativity, determination, independence and risk-taking.  Do you agree?

Let’s take it as read that we need more innovation, more start-ups and more entrepreneurs to create and drive them.  If all the habits listed above can be taught then we can teach almost anyone to become a successful leader of their new business.  But if some of the qualities are innate then perhaps we should identify them in childhood, teach the other habits and encourage those youngsters to start their own Facebook or Google just as soon as they want.  By definition they are determined to leave home and take some creative risks so let’s give them every assistance!

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